MISSING – John K. Grande 2008

MISSING John K. Grande Art Allsorts Like Gustave Courbet’s breakthrough painting The Burial at Ornans, Deon Venter’s Missing Series are presentational, and draw on a history of realism, but so as to move a real and socially demanding subject like the Picton murders and subsequent trials into the language of our times. Venter draws on […]

OLYMPIA – Gallery Orange, Montreal. 2010

Deon Venter’s new paintings entitled Olympia at first appear to be a departure from the socio-political content for which he has become known, however, the male artist painting the female nude today is, in itself, presumed to be a political statement. The Olympia paintings are therefore at once history painting, and the development and future […]

MISSING AND FLIGHT 182 Solo exhibition – Buschlen Mowatt Gallery and Toronto International Art Fair 2008

MISSING A series of paintings on the missing women from Vancouver’s East side. FLIGHT – 182 A series of paintings on the Air India disaster. “These paintings are soulful in their expressive and very painterly transfer and reframing of a tragedy from one idiom into another. What we cannot see becomes as relevant as what […]


Vie Des Arts #213 Winter 2008/9 Deon Venter’s acute empathy for the disenfranchised in society may stem from his South African background. His paintings continue to challenge historical and socio-political beliefs, but do so through the language of art. In an earlier exhibition at Montreal’s Parisian Laundry, Venter presented a controversial Headline series. With strong […]

THE ORDER OF THINGS – Mira Godard, Toronto 2006

DEON VENTER AT MIRA GODARD GALLERY Gary Michael Dault – Gallery Going – Globe and Mail The Order of Things by Vancouver-based painter Deon The Order of Things by Vancouver-based painter Deon Venter is an exhibition of weighty, brawny, heavily textured paintings into which are scored decisive grids and stripes – an authoritative muster of […]

LAST SUPPER SERIES – Parisian Laundry, Montreal, 2005

Apparent Content, John K. Grande Catalogue 2005 Artforum 2005 Working on and with the Christ at the Last Supper theme, Leonardo da Vinci dedicated his 15 by 29 foot tempera on plaster fresco in 1498, Deon Venter reinvents the image and develops a series of works that perambulate around Leonardo’s original and universally recognized image.  […]

HEADLINES – Parisian Laundry, Montreal, 2005

Picturing Loss –Dr. Eva Seidner Essay for catalogue. Deon Venter’s monumental paintings transmute headline into myth, posing disturbing questions about history, loss and the enigmas of our own human nature. Each of the paintings in the group presents a strong central image of what was once a vital icon, the repository of a civilization’s spiritual […]

HEADLINES – Parisian Laundry, Montreal, 2005

Topic Painting – John K. Grande Essay for Catalogue Artforum Deon Venter’s Headlines series is painterly and particular.  There is a reversal of meaning in the use of patterns, serial signs or markers that repeat their motifs across the surfaces of these paintings.  Soetsu Yanagi has written in The Unknown Craftsman:  A Japanese Insight into […]

HEADLINES – Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, 2004

Outrider: Recent Paintings by Deon Venter – Gary Michael Dault Essay for Catalogue I employ the perhaps over-romantic term Outrider [the word is from a poem called The Structure of Rime IV by Robert Duncan] as a compact way of characterizing artist Deon Venter, especially in the way his sensibility seems invariably present at the […]

HEADLINES – Parisian Laundry, Montreal, 2005

John K. Grande We perceive the world as a series of visual layers, but more often than not the layers can be product as much as nature.  The two – product and nature – intertwine vociferously in our culture.  Surfaces speak more subtly than content can.  Content becomes the material with which surfaces are built.  […]

LAST SUPPER – Parisian Laundry, Montreal, 2005

John K. Grande We seek a new paradigm or an alternative reading as our understanding of the relativity of all things, including religious perspectives, grows.  Any reading of a religious or historical event is ultimately inaccurate, even fictional, though the way we understand the historical process itself may lead to certain truths.  Deon Venter’s paintings […]

HEADLINES – Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, 2004

Vancouver Sun, October 30, 2004 Yvonne Zacharias I have never thought of Robert Pickton’s farm as grist for the artist’s mill. Perhaps it is time to think again. South African-born artist Deon Venter, who now lives on Salt Spring Island, has turned the grisliest of settings into a panorama on canvas.  As the artist himself […]

FOUNDERS – Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver, 2003

Quotes. The work of Deon Venter… “is an uncompromising and unique voice in visual arts.  His is by no means a lone voice.  The subject and content of his work, that of history, memory, geography and identity is the theme of some of the leading contemporary artists working today.  William Kentridge, Anselm Kiefer, Christian Boltansky […]

RIDERS – Vortex Gallery, Salt Spring Island, 2002

Press Release “In an age in which it seems impossible to create happy endings, the world of the imagination is a place into which the long arm of the law is unable to reach.  This idea – the opposition of imagination to reality; which is also of course, the opposition of art to politics – […]

EXTRA ECCLESIAM NULLA SALUS – Vortex Gallery, Salt Spring Island, 1994

Artist Statement BOSNIAN STILL-LIFE – Vortex Gallelry, Salt Spring Island, 1998 Artist Statement Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. (Outside the church, no salvation). With this slogan the Catholic Church set out to spread their word. This is still, however, the ideal by which we peddle our philosophies and ideas. At the end of the Twentieth Century, […]